Hall Of Fame

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It is important to recognise those individuals that have contributed to the ongoing success of the Association. In establishing Volleyball Horsham’s “Hall Of Fame” the valuable contributions that individuals made to firstly get the sport up and running, and then those that kept the sport ticking over, cannot be underestimated.

Initially, as pointed out earlier in this book, the sport was nothing more than a social outlet for players to play when their first choice sport was in hibernation, or it was used as a way of giving work groups the opportunity to build camaraderie among workmates. Then as the game became influenced more by experienced individuals, the successes started rolling in, which helped develop the sport in no uncertain terms.

Throughout the 40 year journey of Volleyball Horsham, many individuals have contributed in varying ways. Some did it on the court and helped put the Association on the map both state and nationally. Some contributed to the overall running of the Association in an off court capacity, and complemented this by being long term domestic players. In the latter years, the Association was well served by youngsters who packed a lot in to their volleyball careers over a short time, but their contributions cannot go without recognition.

In deciding who should be inducted into the Volleyball Horsham “Hall Of Fame” the selectors looked at contributions made both on and off the court and the degree of success individuals were able to achieve, domestically, statewide, nationally and dare we say internationally. To have individuals that fit into these categories is testament to the hard work, dedication and loyalty shown to the Association and underlined just how far the Association had come.

Selectors also took into consideration achievements commensurate with the Association at the time. When attempting to recognise those in the early days, it wasn’t an easy task, but certain individuals stood out, from the very limited information available. Later on, as the Association grew, so too did the achievements of a number of individuals, which made the selectors task all that more difficult.

What must be taken into consideration is the fact that the term “Hall Of Fame” can have many different interpretations. The selectors of the Volleyball Horsham “Hall Of Fame” came up with their own criteria that best suited the Association at this point in time.

In the end the following group of individuals were afforded the honour of being inducted into the Volleyball Horsham “Hall Of Fame”. What cannot be argued is this group all contributed to the Association in a most significant way, in that they helped sustain the sport, helped put the sport on the map and were able to achieve some remarkable results from their own dedication and preparedness to take opportunities presented to them.

When you look at the individuals inducted, the Association can be proud of what they have achieved, with these individuals to the forefront. When compared to other Associations, Volleyball Horsham certainly has punched well above their weight, but continues to be one of the most respected Associations across the state.

To this end the Association passes on their most sincerest appreciation, and hopefully these individuals will serve as wonderful examples for those in the future.