20 May 2020

Return to Play Plan

Further to advice on 13 May regarding an easing of restrictions on outdoor training for groups of up to 10, Volleyball Victoria would like to advise the Return to Play Plan is in the final stages of development with consultation commenced with Affiliates. Following this stage, the Plan will be submitted to the Victorian Government for confirmation.

The Plan, with accompanying resources, will support Affiliates to resume activities consistent with Government restrictions and the endorsement of Volleyball Victoria. We encourage all Affiliates to notify us of any planned resumption in activity, please email Shannon Lennie, Member Services Coordinator, memberships@volleyballvictoria.org.au. Shannon can also provide clarity on your Association’s current Affiliation or individual member status.

Useful resources
• Victorian Government Sport, cultural and recreational activities restrictions, https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/sport-cultural-and-recreational-activities-restrictions-coronavirus-covid19
• Australian Institute of Sport ‘Framework for Rebooting Sport’, https://ais.gov.au/health-wellbeing/covid-19#ais_framework_for_rebooting_sport

In the meantime, please find a range of frequently asked questions regarding the resumption of activities. Volleyball Victoria will continue to provide advice on restrictions and other matters as they impact the resumption of participation.

Frequently Asked Questions
• What is Volleyball Victoria’s position on memberships?
Any individual who is not current for 2020 and plans on resuming participation in any capacity with an Affiliate should renew/join for this year*. This includes the resumption of training outdoors, and the eventual return to indoor training and playing.
• What if I am already a member for 2020?
Any individual who has already joined will have their membership honoured until 31 March, 2021 and be eligible to participate in all activities, events, and competitions until that time.
• What if my preferred activities are unable to resume?
Volleyball Victoria is considering rolling over 2020 memberships into 2021 if an individual is unable to participate in any activity, event, or competition.
• Should my Association affiliate?
Associations and State League Clubs are expected to affiliate, especially if they have already conducted or plan to conduct activities between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021.
• Am I covered for insurance?
Individuals are covered for activities conducted under the auspice of their Association/Club, where that Association/Club is affiliated to Volleyball Victoria.
Affiliates are insured for all activities, events, and competitions that are conducted within the rules of affiliation with Volleyball Victoria and the broader Government restrictions. Volleyball Victoria is requesting that Associations/Clubs advise the Office of their intent to recommence sanctioned activities. The Return to Play Plan will be critical in supporting these activities.
• Will there be a discounted membership due to the shorter year of activities?
While Volleyball Victoria offers annual membership that covers activities from 1 April to 31 March year to year, it is not possible for Volleyball Victoria to determine across the entire membership
• Will there be an extended membership period?
Volleyball Victoria will consider an extended membership, effectively a rollover into the 2021 membership period, if no activity, event, or competition can be conducted in the current period.
• Will existing fees for competitions remain the same?
Volleyball Victoria will consider the relevant fees once the parameters of activities are known. For example, if State League is conducted over a shorter timeframe with a reduced number of games, then this will be reflected in the competition entry.
• Will local and social competitions offer discounted fees?
This is a decision for the Affiliates who conduct local and social competitions, but Volleyball Victoria will consult to determine how their traditional activities, events, and competitions are impacted and how Volleyball Victoria membership is included.

* Volleyball Victoria is currently taking advice on updating Membership Terms and Conditions reflecting the change in circumstance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Members will be advised directly of these changes when confirmed.